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Hey, People. [Jun. 23rd, 2005|05:29 pm]
[My emo today is: |amusedamused]
[What's making me feel good today: |Runaway by Linkin Park]

I also have a Xanga, but I'm to bored to stick to only one web-journal-blog...thing..

Tragic_kitten....maybe not the best name, but not the worst, either. w00t!

I've seen the sunride everyday this week.
It's been the best week ever.

>_O 11 days? That's the record for longest time without sleep? Insanity after 7 days, oooooo.
I'm not going to ditch that as a birthday option. Not just yet. I'll probably have to though. I still have lots of time.

Doesn't matter though, my dresser drawers are still cooler than yours ^___^

Don't make fun of me, I know I'm a loser. Damn proud of it!

Oh! yesterday, at like 10pm, my mom took us to Dairy Queen in QuakerTown. Something about preppie places like that make me go nuts. I scared so many people in that store. It was great! SOOOOO much fun! I even had my Doll, Munky (the one with the black overalls and the cigarette in it's mouth. I'll post a pic of it when I have one..) and that scared a few little girls there. Hilarious.
I had my recorder, and I played the one thing on it where my friend Jeff is screaming as loud as I could. It freaked out a few of the teen peoplez there.
Then, outside, my sister screamed into it. For those who know my sister, she's usually so quiet, but when she screams, JESUS CHRIST! I'm lucky to be able to hear still! She ever scared some dude wlaking into Dairy Queen, which was so funny and damn near had a coniption (spelling?).

Damn I'm so hyper right now. It's the kool aide. I that stuff. My sister made the last batch. Better than moutain dew! She doesn't even measure he sugar, she just pours it in unti she's happy. Drinking that stuff, it's a wonder I still have teeth.
I didn't sleep at all. I do this all the time. it's how I see the sunrise. Tonight I couldn't sleep because I was worried about my rabbit. One of his claws got ripped off somehow. Bloody mess. Really. I'm worried it'll get infected, so I keep watching him to make sure he's ok. Wish him luck, damn you!


Brilliant is my new favorite word. The british version I mean. The brit version means smart, funny, cool, magnificant, sexy, basically everything good.
All my friends are Brilliant!
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