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>_O [Jun. 24th, 2005|01:41 pm]
[My emo today is: |sillysilly]
[What's making me feel good today: |Brain Damage by Pink Floyd]

Right, so about 2 weeks ago, I met a very intereting person online. His name was Fred. He told me that he is an all seeing all knowing being from a planet far away. He said he was sent here to bring about the bringing of the revolution of the earth to exspell all humans so Mother earth can fix herself and become whole once again. He said this will happen through a series of missing persons in parks, which will turn out to be committed by the trees who have specific targets. Once the world sees the threat of the trees, rocks will join them and do random beatings-to-death, on specific Targets. And we humans will run and hide on Mars, which is on Earth's side, so we will be running to our dooms on the Red Planet. He said his blood was green and his eyes are blue, but filled with Earth so he could see like Mother Earth. He talked to me, because a name I had on another website was "FlowerChild" (my way of making fun of yet endorsing hippies), and he said that was the perfect name for the type of people he was looking for. "Looking for?" I asked. "Why would you be looking for people?" Because Mother Earth will need help, and in the time of reckoning, the planet's water and fire will engulf specific people and seemingly kill them, but actually protect them and allow them passage into the new Eden as long as they do their fair share of work.

How did I respond to this.

Bam Diggidy. Bam Diggidy, I though. Kudos! Kudos to him for making such an elaborate delusion to sheild himself from the fact that Mother Earth is going to die anyway. Did I tell him he was nuts. I tried, but you had to have talked to him. He wanted so badly to be believed. So, apparently I will be protected by fire for 24 das and 25 nights as the Earthlings run away........damn my female empathy. If I was a boy I could've told him off. Oh well, someday the alzeimers (yea, I know I spelled that wrong. Shut up.) will kick in and I'll delute myself into beliveing all of that crap. it's kind of cool though, to believe in something so dearly. I wish I had a paranoid delusion that had no chance of coming true. Then I could be kind f scary and guilt trip people into being my friend.

Anyway, he talked to me again afew hours ago. He said he got word from his commander that the trees will be eating people shortly. I had to pick 25 people to be safe.
"Why 25?" I felt compelled to ask.
"I've only got 287 recruits, and we need lots of help."
Woah. Pause. 287? You have got to wonder how many of them believe him. I mean, did I unwittingly join a cult? How easily are these people being brainwashed over the damn internet. That drove me a little nuts. Thank god he has no idea where I live...
Anyway, since I already blocked him once before, I now know he has several screen names. Gee, how comforting.
My 25 was everybody on my xanga subscribe list. I didn't give him the xanga thing, I just used nicknames. He said the elements would know who I was talking about. And after that I named school friends, Zach, Aj, Kate, James, Josh F., Angel, ect. Overall I named like 40, and he said that was cool. So now Marcy and Ben and Vaughn and Honor and Brett and all my school friends and a few people I havn't seen in a few years are going to be eaten by fire for a month or so sometime before they're dead. (Not really, but how cool would that be??)
Horray for crazy people.
I just felt like sharing that.