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The Fourth of July was everything I had hoped! My dad showed up, we… - The life and times of Kitty [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 6th, 2005|05:52 am]
[My emo today is: |crazycrazy]
[What's making me feel good today: |Wish you were here by Pink Floyd]

The Fourth of July was everything I had hoped! My dad showed up, we spent like an hour setting off illegal fireworks in my backyard, since the park was taken already. And I got to set off a Roman Candle for the first time. It feels weird when it goes off, and I was terrified it'd blow up and my hand would die or something, and then the sparks and stuff came flying at me, I kind of freaked. Anyone who knows the sparkler story gets why....yes, I am deathly afraid of.......sparklers... I usually don't get into that, but every year I have someone coming over with their left-over flammables and sparklers are ALWAYS there. Please...stop...>_O...

Before nightfall was what I thought it would be. Boring. Relatives came over, and all that happened was my Uncle making booger jokes all day, my Aunst Sissy cursing, and my grandma getting mad at everyone for everything. I did, however, talk to our neightbors for the first time since they moved in, and they're actually really cool guys. Then one played the Jimi Hendrix "Star Spangled Banner" really loud from his house, and marcy and I cheered and stuff and he laughed and played it again.
Their dog is so adorable.

My dad's fireworks were better than expected, except the bottle rockets, so I guess it evened out. And Marcy's friend Chris came over with even more flammables and it was great.

Sometime soon we're going to the Lehigh River to set more stuff off, becuase I told him to keep some and buy some more. I can hardly wait.
Used a whole disposable camera tonight alone. Will post pics when I get the cash to develope them.

Yesterday was gay. The only funny thing that happened involved my cousin Lizzy (Elizabeth). Her birthday is coming up, and since she's only like, 5 or 6, she hasn't ever actually opened her b-day presents becuase her mom apparently thinks she's stupid and can't figure out this complex process. For the few friends who have met her, you know she's an extremely intelligent girl for her age, and if her mother home schools her like she wants, all of her intelligence will be lost. Cross your fingers my uncle can get her into AT LEAST public school. He's trying for a special school for the gifted.
Anyway, last week she was told she is going to open her presents this year, and, in a glowing, beautiful display of her intelligence, she asked yesterday for her parents to buy her "practice presants." Little gifts all wrapped up, so she can master the art of unwrapping so it looks good at her b-day party.
I just....I just love that girl so much.
How come I never thought of that when I was her age??

Her brother's smart too. If I have nothing to say tomorrow, I'm gonna write about him.

AND to all of the people making fun of me due to the sparklers, before you think I'm an insane spaz, I HAVE A GOOD REASON FOR BEING PARANOID!! And I have to say why, or people will keep making fun of me.... When I was Lizzy's age, on the 4th of July, my dad got packs and packs of sparklers. My sister and i coudln't get enough of them, we just loved them. We were playing with them in the back yard, one in each hand, and my sister was spinning around, and I can't remember exactly what all happened, but i will never forget when one of her sparklers smacked me right on the nose. And since it's fire, it like stuck to my nose and if it ha been there just alittle longer, It would've went right through. That summer was the first summer I spent most of my time indoors, and I hated it, and my parents put like 100 pounds of ointments on it so it wouldn't scar, and it didn't, but now sparklers scare the hell out of me.


[User Picture]From: 0zamist
2005-07-06 11:47 pm (UTC)

you stole my cat :/

hey wtf thats my cat in the picture at the bottom at photobucket .com
omg my cat looks like that lol tottaly :P except mines like phat albert x 10 :D lol well i had to say that since i luv kittys later
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